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Critical Control Management Dashboard

StableHacks has partnered with Minetell to develop a real-time critical control dashboard for the mining industry.

Minetell (TM) provides transformative effectiveness and efficiency in critical control management
supporting organisations’ alignment to their vision and values and addresses two fundamental questions in risk management:

How effective are critical controls right now?

In what way are these control going to fail?

Minetell pioneers real-time analytics of big data captured by frontline operations, with a simple user experience, in a shift-by-shift performance data collection system – the only one on the market today that offers a real-time critical control dashboard.

This approach is innovative as it moves critical controls out of administrative reporting and into real-time performance insight in three main areas for mining organizations: Critical Control Management, Social Licence to Operate (SLTO) and Materials Provenance (blockchain).

To learn more, please visit the Minetell website.

Minetell Video
Minetell Dashboard
Minetell User Experience