Founder Studio

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Founder Studio

Founder Studio

Build Your MVP

About the Founder Studio

We help you build your MVP!

The Founder Studio gives you access to the MVP Development Dream Team. Founder’s get unlimited access to StableHacks’ in-house:

  1. “Hacker” development team that will write your code
  2. “Hipster” design team to handle all your UI and UX design elements
  3. “Hustler” business team to help you further develop your business concept

MVP Development Process

Our MVP development cycle utilizes a unique three-month process to get your MVP from the idea phase to product launch.


The first month is called the “Start” phase. During this month, we work with you to generate business idea research, develop your pitch deck for potential investors and create a web landing page for your product.

The second month  is called the “Validate” phase.  Over the next four weeks, we help you validate your business idea with potential customers. Activities include: the creation of user personas and user flows; a 2-3 day design sprint; the development of  low-fi and hi-fi wireframes; and A/B testing of concepts with users.

The third month is called the “Build” phase. During this stage of the development cycle, you will work closely with in-house developers to turn your hi-fi wireframe into code. Your MVP will will go through a number of rapid iteration cycles to get your product ready for launch at the end of the month.

Pricing Structure

Founder Studio

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