Community-building platform wins Elevate Hackathon 2018

StableHacks is proud to announce a First Place finish and $10k in prize money at the Elevate Hackathon 2018!

A team comprised of Shabs Badshah, Magdalene Schifferer, Athira Sudhakaran Pillai from StableHacks and others including Jennifer Mulholland, John Mulholland, Oana Jurjica, Ioana Diaconescu, Nakul Manchanda developed a community-building web platform for apartments and condos called Open Door. It is estimated about 50% of Canadians currently live in apartment/condo-style buildings, and the number is only expected to rise as more people move to cities, rent increases, and neighbourhoods expand vertically.

community-building platform

Community-building platform

Open Door seeks to address the loneliness and isolation associated with high-rise living by creating a community-building platform that allows building residents to share, swap and giveaway items or services with each other. The platform will also serve as a hub for building notifications, social events, group creation, and local services. Residents will also be able to access a free item giveaway forum. Through the simple act of sharing, the platform hopes to create community and facilitate human connection between increasingly isolated individuals – opening doors and building kinship between residents.

The platform uses blockchain technology to track the movement of items and issue “Karma” points to residents. Lenders can earn Karma points for lending or giving away items or services. Points are also issued to borrowers for returning items in good condition to the lender. Karma points can be used by residents to prove their trustworthiness and reliability to the community and potential employers. Residents will also be able to pay rent and utility bills on the platform using blockchain, allowing users to curate a credit history from previously untracked data which may be helpful to newcomers with no previous credit or payment history in Canada.

Data gathered by the platform can be used by the city of Toronto to better improve a community’s access to resources, waste management and social well-being. As the data is gathered in real-time, the City can respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of Toronto’s diverse communities. 

Open Door – building community one block at a time.