TrustD participates in Digital for Good Hackathon


TrustD participated in the Digital for Good Hackathon in Toronto from November 15-18, 2019. The event partners charities and non-profits with local tech talent to help increase their social impact. TrustD partnered with The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO) to address the challenge of increasing community resource accessibility, and streamlining the client intake process to improve service wait time.

About Us

What is StableHacks?

StableHacks is a custom software development company located in Toronto. A “Stable Hack” refers to a one-week intensive agile sprint to develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) wireframe to support clients developing new products or websites. The process is essentially a well-managed “hackathon” with input from StableHack’s expert team of client strategists, designers, product managers and developers. Our deliverables help clients move to the next phase of product development based on the costs associated with each step.

Founder Studio

Our MVP development cycle utilizes a unique three-month development process to get your MVP from the idea phase to product launch.

Custom Software Development

We provide clients with a rapid development approach to software creation using design, development and deploy techniques

Website and App Design

Our services cover the whole gamut of start-up friendly offerings for rapid turnaround

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What We Do

StableHacks offers technology, design, and product development assistance in the following areas:

Logo Design

Our team will work with the client to develop brand values and design a contemporary logo to support product launch and subsequent marketing campaigns.

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Lo-Fi Wireframe Design

We provide you with a document outlining simple navigable User Interface (UI) design including a list of screens, menus and navigation, content mockup and the workflow between each screen.

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Hi-Fi Wireframe Design

The hi-fi wireframe design provides the client with a complete graphics layout of the product.

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Software Development

StableHacks can provide you with an information architecture layout along with a list of product development costs.

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Our Work

Explore recent projects


StableHacks was proud to provide Remitr with frontend/backend technical assistance, update layout of essential website components, and implement features to improve user experience.


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Stablehacks assisted MoveBe with quality testing and automation during their platform development process.

Grain Discovery

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StableHacks assisted in the development of Grain Discovery’s online exchange (desktop and mobile app). The platform leverages the latest blockchain technology to create an efficient, transparent and secure marketplace that simplifies the connection between farmers and buyers.

Esports Tickets

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In collaboration with Esports Tickets, StableHacks assisted in the development of an esports platform where gamers and organizers can create, share and search for events. 


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StableHacks has partnered with Minetell to develop a real-time critical control dashboard for the mining industry.

Arkilio Construction Marketplace

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In collaboration with Arkilio, Stablehacks developed a blockchain-based digital marketplace for the construction industry to empower developers, designers and builders to globally collaborate and financially transact in a digital, secure and trustless manner.

1 Block Solutions

/ /
StableHacks designed 1 Block Solution’s cryptocurrency investment management website.

Arduino Midi Controller

/ / / /
StableHacks developed a hardware prototype for midi control using AdaFruit Feather and BLE.


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StableHacks participated in the development of a fractional horse ownership platform in support of the standardbred horse racing industry.

Talent to Talent Conference

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StableHacks designed and developed a mobile-responsive website for the Talent to Talent Conference for event promotion and the facilitation of online ticket sales.
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